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October 2011
Tim Bilecki

Prosecution Withdraws in Automotive Insurance Fraud Case Amid Vigorous Defense

False Official Statement, Destruction of Property, Conspiracy to Commit Insurance Fraud
Schofield Barracks, Hawaii
Army | Sergeant First Class (E-7)
Locally filed GOMOR.

A case at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, involved an Army military police officer facing serious allegations of conspiracy to commit insurance fraud. The government accused the Sergeant First Class of colluding with other Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) to intentionally damage a vehicle for insurance money. Despite the gravity of the allegations, proving the Sergeant’s misconduct posed a significant challenge for the prosecution.

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During the AR 15-6 investigation, the officer sought the expertise of Tim Bilecki, a Hawaii court martial defense attorney. Bilecki adopted a bold and uncompromising stance in negotiations with the prosecution. He unequivocally communicated that any imposition of Article 15 would be rejected, and the case would be contested vigorously at trial. Furthermore, Bilecki made it clear that if charges were preferred, they were fully prepared to take the case to a verdict.

This assertive approach by the defense influenced the government’s decision-making process. Reluctant to engage in a potentially arduous and uncertain court battle, the government ultimately chose not to proceed with formal charges against the Sergeant First Class. In lieu of a court martial, the command issued a letter of reprimand against our client, which was locally filed.

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