Money Laundering Charges | Case Results

Location: Camp Zama, Japan Rank: E-6
Charges: Larceny, Money Laundering Result: Charges not filed

Maximum Sentence:

  • Client never formally charged

Our client was suspected of larceny of over $25,000 in government funds, as well as a follow-on money-laundering scheme with roots in Nigeria. Mr. Bilecki quickly got involved and delayed prosecutors from charging the client; this delay allowed the defense time to uncover information to later be used at trial.

When charges appeared imminent, Mr. Bilecki informed prosecutors they were prepared to travel to Nigeria to expose the reality of the alleged money-laundering scheme, and then demand a panel (jury) trial and production of witnesses from Nigeria. The government relented and declined to prosecute the client.

During Mr. Bilecki’s tenure as the Senior Defense Counsel for the Pacific Region, not a single Soldier at Camp Zama, Japan, was convicted at any level of court-martial.