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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔
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July 2009
Tim Bilecki

Government Dropped Court Martial Charges Facing Prospects of Intensive Defense

Larceny, Money Laundering
Camp Zama, Japan
Army Staff Sergeant - E-6
Charges not preferred.

An Army Staff Sergeant faced investigation under suspicion of larceny involving over $25,000 in government funds and a complex money-laundering operation tied to Nigeria. In response, Tim Bilecki, a seasoned court martial defense attorney, strategically intervened to stall the charging process. This tactic provided crucial time for the defense to gather necessary information and build a strong defense strategy.

Understanding the intricacies of the case, particularly its Nigerian connection, Bilecki planned an assertive defense involving travel to Nigeria. This move was aimed at acquiring firsthand knowledge of the alleged scheme’s operations and context. The defense’s presence in Nigeria would facilitate direct interviews with key witnesses, collection of relevant documents, and a deeper understanding of local financial and legal practices pertinent to the case.

Additionally, this proactive approach served to demonstrate the defense’s commitment and readiness to contest the charges rigorously. It also aimed to exert psychological pressure on the prosecution by showcasing the defense’s willingness to go to great lengths to uncover the truth and challenge the accusations.

As preparations to travel to Nigeria and bring forth witnesses from there for a potential jury trial were communicated, the government reassessed the viability of their case against the Staff Sergeant. Facing the prospect of an intensive and thorough defense, the prosecutors opted to refrain from preferring court martial charges. This decision highlighted the effectiveness of Bilecki’s strategic and proactive defense approach, ensuring that no charges were brought against the Staff Sergeant at Camp Zama, Japan.

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