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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔
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November 2022
Tim Bilecki

Case Result: Marine Cleared Consensual Encounter

Allegations: Sexual Assault
Camp Foster, Okinawa
Marine Corps | Sergeant,E-5
Investigation Closed Due to No Probable Cause

It is a discernible truth that Marines have been having sexual encounters around the world since they slammed their first beers at Tun Tavern in 1775.  So, when a Marine Sergeant in Okinawa went sightseeing with a local woman and ended up knocking boots back at her place that evening, military history was just living up to its reputation. Yet, regret is a hell of a drug and when the woman second guessed her decisions, she decided to rectify that regret by accusing the Sergeant of sexual assault.

The nature of the regret stemmed from the fact that the sexual activity was rough in nature, which again, may just be how this Marines does it. To each their own, but in every manner the Sergeant believed the encounter was 100% consensual. After the shock set in upon hearing he was under investigation for sexual assault, the Marine quickly retained military court martial defense attorney Tim Bilecki to defend him.

Getting Bilecki into the case early was key as Bilecki immediately and quickly conducted his own investigation. These days, there are almost always text messages involved and the exchanges between the Sergeant and the woman made it clear that the sexual encounter was consensual. You’d like to think that military investigators would have discovered this on their own, but you have to remember that they are on the hunt for guilt and not truth.

As a result of Bilecki’s early intervention, charges were never preferred at a court as it was determined that there was no probable cause for the sexual assault charges. The Marine Sergeant was now back in the fight for this nation’s freedom.

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