Larceny – Letter of Deficiency to Board of Inquiry


Camp Foster – Okinawa, Japan


United States Marine Corps – O-3


  • Larceny – Letter of Deficiency to Board of Inquiry.


CG recommendation to upgrade characterization of service to General.

A Marine officer accused of selling military property was represented by a free military defense counsel at a Board of Inquiry.  The board recommended separation under other than honorable conditions.  After the BOI, the officer retained Attorney Tim Bilecki to appeal the results. 

We quickly reviewed the transcripts of the BOI and reviewed the evidence against our client.  This led to our appeal strategy. W firmly believed that if our law firm was retained prior to the board, the members would have either found no basis or voted for retention.  Attorney Tim Bilecki then conducted extensive research and drafted a letter of deficiency highlighting the legal errors in Board of Inquiry.  This included the highly suspicious nature of the evidence, and arguments we believe should have been presented at the board.  Our strategy worked and the separation was upgraded to a General Discharge, saving many future benefits for our client.

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