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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔
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May 2023
Tim Bilecki

Case Result: Honorable Marine Colonel Career

Conduct Unbecoming an Officer
Fleet Readiness Center East, Havelock, North Carolina
USMC Colonel,0-6
General Officer BOI resulted in Retiring with Honorable Discharge

The simple truth is that one cannot separate eros from military life and whether you are a PFC or a decorated Colonel, human nature is what it is. However, not every romantic encounter should result in a career and life destroyed and such was the case for an honorable Marine Colonel.

The good Colonel was assigned as Executive Officer at Fleet Readiness Center East which placed in close work relationships with both military and civilian employees. The Colonel allowed his work relationship with a civilian employee to cross the line of professionalism and frequent contact through LinkedIn turned romantic and sexual in nature.

The nature of the relationship was uncovered, the Colonel was staring down the barrel of not only career ending consequences, but to have the impact of his decades of honorable service wiped out via a potential court martial. Thankfully, the Colonel retained court martial attorney Tim Bilecki who immediately went to work to save the Colonel from the worst possible outcome.

Bilecki engaged the prosecution and command in order to keep the proceedings at an administrative level. A General Officer Board of Inquiry (BOI) was assembled and Bilecki then argued the case in front of three general officers. Coaching the Colonel on the right approach, the Colonel acknowledged his misdeeds while also pointing out his decorated and honorable service. Weighing the Colonel’s testimony and Bilecki’s strategic defense the board recommended retirement with an honorable discharge.

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