Texas Mom Shoots Carjacker as He Tries to Drive Off with Her Kids In the Backseat

A Texas mother of two who was paying for gas at a local Dallas Shell station did not hesitate to shoot a carjacker who was attempting to steal her vehicle with her children in the back seat. 

The incident occurred around 10:00 PM along Interstate 35. Michelle Booker-Hicks was paying her gas bill when she noticed Ricky Wright—a local Dallas man—get into the driver’s seat of her vehicle, where her two boys—ages 2 and 4—were sitting in the back seat. 

As Booker-Hicks recalls, she ran to the vehicle and jumped into the back seat as the car was driving off. When Wright ignored her demands to stop the car, she reached over the armrest to the glove compartment and pulled out a handgun. She quickly turned the gun on Wright and pulled the trigger, hitting him in the face (see tweet).

The car veered off into a ditch on the outskirts of the Shell station and stopped once it hit a nearby fence. Booker-Hicks and her two children were unharmed in the crash. 

“I’m not a killer but I do believe in defending what’s mine,” she said to a local Dallas news station. “I hope that woke him up.”

It should be noted that Booker-Hicks will not be charged with the use of her firearm. Texas maintains strong gun laws for its citizens and the mother of two had the proper permit required for the weapon. 

Furthermore, Texas is one of 33 states which have adopted elements of the Stand Your Ground law popularized in Florida. Under such laws, a citizen may use lethal force if an intruder unlawfully enters an occupied vehicle, business or residence, among other stipulations. 

We at Bilecki & Tipon LLLC stand by this woman’s actions and remain proud supporters of self-defense and 2nd Amendment rights.

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