What do we do?

Interviewer: So how is it that you are able to have so much success?

Noel: Well, I believe we have a lot of success at Bilecki and Tipon because we are dedicated to assembling the premier team of lawyers, and experts and investigators to make sure that no stone goes unturned.

We try and make sure that we have the best defense team possible because, look, at the end of the day, your life is on the line. At the end of the day, you’ve got one shot at a court-martial.

You don’t get a do-over, you don’t get a makeup. What you have is this one chance. And I want to make sure that when we go into court, we are well armed with the best amount of resources possible so that we get your story of innocence out there in front of the jury members.

The Difference between Civilian and Military

And we change their mindset so that they’re not just thinking about what their training tells them, they’re not just thinking about what their commander wants them to do, we have them thinking about what’s the right thing to do.

Because, at the end of the day, when you’re falsely accused of something and you go in there, and all you have is us looking out for you, we find success in making sure that we go in there more prepared than anybody else, certainly more prepared than the prosecution.

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