Wrongful Sexual Contact x 3 Alleged Victims

Location: Schofield Barracks, Hawaii Rank: Army, E-7
Charges: Wrongful Sexual Contact x 3 Alleged Victims Result: Not guilty of all charges and specifications

Our client was a combat veteran who was falsely accused by three separate individuals of alleged sexual contact while deployed to Afghanistan. The odds seemed overwhelming, especially when they were three separate female Soldiers who accused our client of seemingly identical alleged assaults.

CID tried everything, except to actually look for the truth. In this case, they interrogated our client for nearly 10 hours but finally gave up when they couldn’t get what they were looking for.

Bilecki Law Group worked directly with Kiamalu Investigations to uncover why the allegations were being made. At trial, Mr. Bilecki devastated the alleged victims’ story through hardnosed cross-examination which exposed that the accusers were friends, had a motive to take out our client and essentially made the allegations against our client before he reported their own significant misconduct.

Despite the governments and law-enforcement best efforts, our client was acquitted of all charges and specifications at trial.