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October 2012
Tim Bilecki

Army CW2 Facing Triple Sexual Assault Charges Receives Full Acquittal in Korea

Sexual Assault
Camp Humphreys, Korea
US Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 – W2
Full Acquittal – Not guilty of all charges and specifications.

In a high-stakes court martial at Camp Humphreys, Korea, a Chief Warrant Officer 2 faced serious allegations of sexually assaulting three different female Soldiers on three separate occasions, along with charges of making a false official statement. The gravity of the charges made this a closely watched case, with substantial implications for the officer’s career and reputation.


The prosecution’s case appeared formidable. It was built on a combination of DNA evidence, video surveillance footage, and a false exculpatory statement attributed to the Warrant Officer. This evidence was intended to provide a comprehensive narrative of guilt, painting a picture of repeated misconduct.


However, the defense team, led by Tim Bilecki, an experienced Article 120 UCMJ sexual offense lawyer, embarked on a meticulous defense strategy. The trial required a deep dive into the forensic evidence, a critical assessment of the video surveillance footage, and a thorough dissection of the alleged false statement. Bilecki’s approach was not just about challenging the evidence, but also about crafting an alternative narrative that raised reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury.


The defense’s efforts at trial focused on the credibility of the DNA evidence, analyzing the context and specifics of the video surveillance, and dissecting the circumstances surrounding the alleged false statement. The defense aimed to demonstrate inconsistencies and gaps in the prosecution’s case that could lead to a different interpretation of the events.

The trial, characterized by intense cross-examinations and detailed forensic analysis, culminated in a dramatic conclusion. Despite the weight of the evidence presented by the government, the jury found the Chief Warrant Officer not guilty of all sexual assault-related charges. This outcome was a testament to the efficacy of a well-planned and executed defense strategy in the face of seemingly overwhelming evidence.

The acquittal of the Warrant Officer on these grave charges underscored the importance of a rigorous defense in ensuring justice in the military legal system. It also highlighted the complexities involved in sexual assault cases within the military, where the interplay of evidence, interpretation, and legal argument can significantly influence the outcome.

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