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July 2018
Tim Bilecki

Bilecki’s Investigation Leads to No Charges for Navy Chief in Sex Assault Case

Sexual Assault
Joint Base Pearl Harbor - Hickam, Hawaii
Navy Chief Petty Officer – E-7
No criminal charges preferred.

A Navy Chief Petty Officer based at Pearl Harbor faced allegations of sexual assault related to an incident in Sasebo, Japan. The complaint originated from an individual who, while intoxicated, alleged she had been sexually assaulted by the Chief Petty Officer. In response to these serious allegations, the Chief Petty Officer sought the expertise of Tim Bilecki, a military defense attorney with a specialization in Article 120 UCMJ sexual assault cases, to represent him.

Upon taking the case, Bilecki’s team conducted a thorough investigation into the allegations and the context of the incident. This investigation included examining the timeline of events, the interactions between the involved parties prior to the alleged incident, and the complainant’s state of intoxication. Additionally, the defense team assessed the consistency of the complainant’s account, any potential witnesses, and the physical evidence (or lack thereof) supporting the claim.

The investigative efforts extended to understanding the social setting in which the incident allegedly occurred, including any relevant security footage, receipts, text messages, or communications that could shed light on the behaviors and locations of both the complainant and the Chief Petty Officer at the relevant times.

The culmination of this investigative work provided a comprehensive overview that challenged the credibility of the accusations and highlighted inconsistencies in the complainant’s story. Armed with this information, Bilecki was able to present a compelling argument to the military prosecutors regarding the weaknesses in the case against the Chief Petty Officer.

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