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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔
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February 2022
Tim Bilecki

Marine Cleared of False Sexual Assault Charges Before Trial

Sexual Assault
Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe, Hawaii
Marine Corporal E-4
Charges not preferred.

As it goes in the Marine Corps, some Marines hit gold and have the opportunity to be stationed at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. Other Marines draw the short end of the stick and wind up somewhere like 29 Palms, California. However, this is the case of a Hawaii-based Marine who would have gladly traded the paradise assignment for the stumps of 29 Palms if he could have avoided the nightmare charges ahead.

This Marine was facing charges of sexual assault under Article 120 of the UCMJ, and they were patently false. So much so that even military investigators could have discovered that fact if they were in the least trying to discover any percentage of truth. Yet, the train had left the station, and this Marine was about to have his life ruined over a lie.

Once the Marine retained a court martial attorney, Tim Bilecki, the defense team went to work. We conducted our own thorough investigation and spared no effort in gathering evidence. We left no stone unturned and interviewed witnesses that the military investigators would have rather us never met. We poured over the accuser’s testimony, looking for the truth.

Our extensive work paid off as we were able to uncover the inconsistencies and contradictions in the accuser’s testimony that the investigators didn’t bother to pick up. Thanks to our efforts, the charges were dropped before they ever reached the preferral stage.

The team at Bilecki Law Group has extensive experience within the military justice system and are military veterans ourselves. We know what service members are up against, and without experienced counsel by his side, this Marine could have faced the embarrassment and heartache of being dragged into a court martial while fully knowing that he was innocent.

Now, this Marine gets to carry on serving his country with the same pride he felt when he first stepped on the yellow footprints and eventually earned the title of United States Marine.

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