Abusive Sexual Contact

Attempted Sexual Assault of a Minor (Sting Operation) | Case Result

Location: Camp Foster, Okinawa Rank: Marine , E-4
Charges: Attempted Sexual Assault of a Minor (Sting Operation). Result: Pre-trial agreement for 18 months pleading to the lesser offense and NG of attempted sexual assault. 42 months less confinement than the original plea agreement offered.

A Marine Lance Corporal was trapped by the now infamous “To Catch a Predator” sting operation in Okinawa, Japan.  The Lance Corporal was virtually chatting with an undercover NCIS agent who took on the persona of a minor looking for sex with a Marine.  Our client had a lengthy chat with the undercover officer.  He eventually agreed to meet the person he believed he was talking to for sex.  When the Marine arrived at the bait house with condoms, gummy bears and alcohol, he was arrested.  After being arrested, he was interrogated and fully confessed to the crime.

After being placed in pre-trial confinement he was charged at a general court martial.  The charges were attempted sexual assault of a minor.  He was offered a pre-trial agreement which would cap his confinement at 60 months.  Seeking a better pre-trial agreement, the Marine retained Timothy Bilecki to represent him.   After investigating the case and determining that it was in our client’s best interest to mitigate the potential damages, Mr. Bilecki was able to negotiate a plea deal.  This deal capped the confinement at 18 months and pleading to the lesser included offense.  By retaining our team, this Marine saved 42 months of confinement in his sentence.