Sexual Assault of Three Women | Case Result

December 2019
Location: Fort Shafter, Hawaii Rank: Army , E-5
Charges: Sexual Assault of Three Women. Result: Honorable Discharge at Administrative Separation Board. , FULL ACQUITTAL

A activated Army reservist was accused of sexual assault by three separate women stemming from his time in college.  Because the allegations occurred while he was not on active-duty status, the military did not have jurisdiction over the offenses at a court martial.  Instead, the Army let the state prosecute the criminal case while they sought administrative separation with an Other Than Honorable characterization of discharge.

Military sexual assault lawyer Tim Bilecki was retained and worked in conjunction with the Soldier’s civilian attorney representing him on the state court side.  Bilecki fully litigated the charges at the administrative separation board and ultimately was successful in getting his client Honorably Discharged from the military.