Abusive Sexual Contact

Sexual Assault | Case Result

June 2019
Location: Camp Humphreys, South Korea Rank: Army , E-5
Charges: Sexual Assault Result: FULL ACQUITTAL

An Army Soldier retained Tim Bilecki’s law firm after he was charged with sexually assaulting another Soldier after a night of drinking in “the ville” area outside of Camp Humphreys, Korea.  Our client was charged at a General Court Martial with Article 80 (attempted sexual assault), Article 93 (abuse and maltreatment of a subordinate), Article 120 x 2 (abusive sexual contact), Article 120 (sexual assault), Article 120c (indecent exposure), and Article 128 (assault consummated by battery), UCMJ.

We flew to Korea and tried the case at a fully contested member’s trial.  After hearing all the evidence, the panel deliberated and found our client NOT GUILTY of all charges and specifications.