Abusive Sexual Contact

Sexual Assault | Case Result

October 2020
Location: Osan Air Force Base, Korea Rank: Air Force, E-6
Charges: Sexual Assault Result: Sexual Assault Charges withdrawn and dismissed prior to trial

An Air Force Technical Sergeant retained Military Attorney Tim Bilecki after he was accused of sexual assault.  After a night of drinking with his peers and a female friend, the TSgt and the female had consensual sex.  She later made an allegation of sexual assault.  Once retained, Mr. Bilecki put a legal defense team together to conduct an investigation into the case, including travel to South Korea.  OSI and the SJA office took nearly a year, and charges were eventually preferred against our client.  We aggressively defended the case at the Article 32 hearing, yet the charges were still referred by the government to a general court martial.  Undaunted, Bilecki continued fighting for the client, and continued to expose how problematic the case was for the government and that it would likely result in an Acquittal.  This effort paid off, as charges were eventually withdrawn and dismissed prior to trial.