Larceny, Curfew Violation | Case Result

August 2020
Location: Torii Station, Okinawa, Japan Rank: Army, E-6
Charges: Larceny, Curfew Violation Result: Case Resolved with GOMOR instead of Court Martial.

An Army Staff Sergeant was drinking off base with other NCOs at a “juicy bar” after curfew.  The Soldier, along with the juicy bar girls ran the tab up to over $600.  After disputing the charge, he allegedly gave some money to his friend to pay the tab.  The Staff Sergeant’s friend was drunk and forgot he was given the money.  The police were called out and the Soldier was later arrested for failure to pay the bill.

Our client retained Attorney Tim Bilecki and the matter was resolved at a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand as opposed to court martial.