Larceny, BAH Fraud

Larceny, BAH Fraud, False Official Statement | Case Result

November 2019
Location: Schofield Barracks, Hawaii Rank: Army , E-6
Charges: Larceny , BAH Fraud , False Official Statement. Result: No Court Martial Charges Preferred.

An Army NCO was investigated for BAH fraud after CID conducted an audit on his BAH entitlements.  Our office was retained and a complete audit was conducted regarding the Soldier’s pay and entitlements.  Our audit and interpretation of the Joint Federal Travel Regulations differed significantly from CID’s regarding our client’s BAH given his unique situation.  In an attempt to end the investigation, Mr. Bilecki drafted matters to the command and SJA office.  In this memo, we laid out the facts, our interpretation of the regulations along with supporting documentation. These efforts resulted in CID closing the case without any criminal action being taken against the Staff Sergeant.