Drug Use | Case Result

Jan 2019
Location: United States Coast Guard – Barbers Point, Hawaii Rank: Coast Guard , E-3
Charges: Drug Use. Result: Case resolved at NJP instead of Special Court Martial.

Our client was a Coast Guardsman stationed at Barbers Point Hawaii who tested positive for marijuana after a urinalysis.  When questioned by CGIS, he did not invoke his rights and denied using marijuana.  His command later informed him that they intended on preferring court martial charges against him for Article 107 (false official statement), and Article 112a (wrongful use of a controlled substance).  Mr. Bilecki was retained.  We guided the service member through the entire investigation regarding the use of a controlled substance.  Ultimately, Mr. Bilecki convinced the prosecution and the command that the matter was more appropriately adjudicated at Non-Judicial Punishment as opposed to a Special Court Martial.