BAH Fraud | Case Result

February 2019
Location: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Rank: US Navy , E-2
Charges: BAH Fraud. Result: BAH Fraud case taken to NJP. Found not guilty of Fraud but found guilty of False Official Statement. Only awarded a reduction in grade.

Attorney Tim Bilecki was retained after a Sailor was notified that he was under investigation for violating Article 107 (false official statement), and Article 124 (frauds against the United States).   After being retained, our office conducted an independent investigation and guided the Sailor through the investigation regarding BAH Fraud.  After conducting the investigation, our office discussed the matter with the prosecution team, and we were able to have the matter adjudicated at non-judicial punishment as opposed to a court martial.

Matters in defense, extenuation, and mitigation were drafted.  We proved how the command was responsible for putting junior Sailors in the situation that they were being accused of.  This clearly had an impact as our client was found not guilty of Fraud and only guilty of False Official Statement.