AWOL , False Official Statement , Adultery | Case Result

February 2020
Location: Bellows, Air Force Base, Hawaii Rank: Air Force , E-5
Charges: Sexual Assault. Result: Reprimand and forfeiture of $300. No Confinement

Prior to becoming a client, an Air Force Staff Sergeant received Non-Judicial Punishment for allegedly making a false official statement in violation of Article 107, UCMJ as well as adultery.  After that NJP, the Airman received a second Article 15 for leaving his shift early to see the woman he was previously accused of adultery with.  The service member turned down the subsequent Article 15 and demanded trial by court martial.

Military defense lawyer Tim Bilecki represented the Airman at a Summary Court Martial after the prosecution added numerous additional charges because the Article 15 was turned down.  Our client pled guilty to the Article 86 charge but was found Not Guilty of all additional charges.  He was sentenced to be officially reprimanded and to forfeit $300 pay per month for 1 month.