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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔
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February 2020
Tim Bilecki

Airman Facing AWOL, Adultery and False Statement Charges Averts Confinement

AWOL, False Official Statement, Adultery
Bellows Air Force Base, Hawaii
Air Force Staff Sergeant – E-5
Reprimand and forfeiture of $300. No confinement.

An Air Force Senior Airman stationed at Bellows AFB initially faced an Article 15 for adultery and making a false official statement, stemming from him leaving his shift early to see a woman with whom he was having an affair, thereby cheating on his spouse. Because of this first Article 15, he was placed on restriction.

While on restriction from the first Article 15, the Airman again left the base to visit the same woman, essentially committing the same offenses of adultery and making a false official statement. This repeat of offenses greatly upset the command, prompting them to escalate the matter to a summary court martial.

In response to the summary court martial, the Airman retained Hawaii court martial lawyer Tim Bilecki to defend him. Bilecki’s involvement was specifically for the summary court martial proceedings, not for the initial Article 15 disciplinary actions.

During the summary court martial, our client pleaded guilty to the charge of being Absent Without Leave (Article 86) but contested the false official statement charge and all additional charges. Ultimately, he was found not guilty of the false official statement charge and all other additional charges. The summary court martial sentenced him to a reprimand and to forfeit $300 pay for one month. We argued for no confinement and the Airman was not given any confinement time.

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