Abusive Sexual Contact


Location: Hickam AFB, Hawaii Rank: E-4
Charges: Rape Result: All criminal charges dropped

Our client was suspected of raping his girlfriend and alleged “baby momma” after the client learned that the baby was not his and threw her out of the house (non-violently). Having been caught in her lies and seeking revenge, she cried rape to the Honolulu Police Department – who would not take the case.

After learning that HPD would not take the case, she then went to our client’s command and claimed she was raped.

In typical military fashion, they did not see the “victim’s” obvious motives to fabricate a story and began an intensive investigation of our client which lasted months.

We were brought on immediately after the client learned he was being investigated – before charges were preferred – and we immediately began investigating the “victim” in this case and exposed that she had substantial motive to fabricate her story, mainly that she was looking to financially exploit our client.

We brought this to the prosecutor’s attention and all charges were dismissed.