sexual assault

Sexual Assault, Fraternization

Location: Camp Casey, South Korea Rank: Army , O-2
Charges: Sexual Assault , Fraternization Result: Sexual assault charges dismissed , Fraternization resolved at GOMOR, retained at Show Cause

Our client was accused of sexual assault after a night of drinking in the Ville outside Camp Casey, Korea. He reacted quickly to the charges by retaining Bilecki Law Group to represent him in his sexual assault case.

Bilecki Law Group immediately prepared a defense investigation and stopped the case from ever reaching a court-martial.

However, our client did receive a GOMOR for fraternization by the 2nd Infantry Division Commanding General. Bilecki Law Group drafted rebuttal matters to the GOMOR, which was permanently filed.

The command then initiated separation proceedings against our client and we represented him during the show cause board. We were ultimately able to keep our client retained in the Army.