Case Results

  • Case closed by NCIS 


  • Location undisclosed

Branch of Military and Rank 

  • Navy Officer
  • (rank undisclosed)


  • Sexploitation (Extortion attempt against our client)

Our client was a Naval officer who was receiving threats from someone online claiming they were a family member of a minor he allegedly solicited for sex.

There was no merit to the allegations. After receiving this threat, he and individuals close to him were continually threatened with legal action and other physical harm in an elaborate international scheme to extort him for money.

This officer contacted our office for assistance and we partnered with Kiamalu Consulting and Investigations to conduct a full investigation and threat assessment.

After putting in hundreds of hours into the case, including email tracing, IP tracking, threat assessments, business record reviews, NCIS and other governmental coordination, we determined the nature of the threats, the individuals behind the threats and tracked them back to both Australia and Nigeria.

Kiamalu Investigations, with coordination and legal advice from our office, took extensive steps to track the source of the scammers, exposed them and stopped the harassment, threats, and extortion.

After locating and containing the threat, Mr. Bilecki and Mr. Moores of Kiamalu flew to an undisclosed foreign country to meet with the NCIS officer in charge of these particular cybersecurity threats and worked in coordination with NCIS to ensure that the extortion attempts stopped and that the NCIS case against our client was closed.

After the extensive meeting, NCIS closed the case against our client. The extortion attempts were stopped.


  • Case closed by NCIS
  • International scam artists identified and extortion attempts stopped
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