Korea Rape Charges | Case Results

Location: Deagu, Korea Rank: Army, E-7 (MP)
Charges: Rape Result: All rape charges dropped

Our client in this case had been an escort in the past for one of Mr. Bilecki’s clients and saw Mr. Bilecki win an acquittal for that client in a rape case. Two years later, when he was being investigated for rape himself, he immediately turned to Mr. Bilecki to defend him.

Our client’s ex-wife made the allegation against him after he filed for divorce. Seeing the obvious motive to fabricate a rape allegation, we immediately involved the prosecutor and exposed the complaining witness as a liar and a manipulator who was falsifying allegations in order to gain leverage over her soon-to-be ex-husband in a divorce.

After months of investigation and never backing down from our position, the government finally dropped all charges against our client.