Senior military officer

DUI + Domestic Violence GOMOR’s for Hawaiian Army Soldier

April 2018
Location: Schofield Barracks Rank: Hawaii Army – CWO3
Charges: DUI , Alcohol-Related Domestic Violence Result: RETAINED at administrative separation board.

Our client, a 16-year Chief Warrant Officer 3, was retained at his Board of Inquiry after he received two General Officer Letters of Reprimand in a nine-month period. Despite this Soldier’s patriotic past, which included a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star, and three tours of combat, he was shown no leniency and still required to go through an administrative separation board. He was at risk of having his reputation damaged and losing his ability to continue to serve and retire.

Bilecki Law Group was retained in order to get to the bottom of the charges and the Soldier’s actions leading up to the GOMORs. All signs pointed to a PTSD diagnosis from the combat tours along with serious alcohol dependency.

We brought our client’s conditions to light to the Board of Inquiry and explained the true impact that PTSD and alcoholism had on this Soldier. In the process, we showed that any Soldier with a desire to remain accountable for his actions can come forward and overcome his or her issues and still remain in good standing with the military.