Case Results

  • Charges Dropped


  • Grafenwoehr, Germany and stationed in Ft. Stewart, GA

Branch of Military and Rank

  • Army
  • E-6


A female Army E6 was being investigated for adultery and false official statements for an apparent relationship she had with a male SSG. At the conclusion of the investigation, they both were charged with adultery at an Article 15 (NJP).

The female SSG was assigned two military attorneys who proceeded to advise the Army SSG to accept the Article 15. She did not agree with their counsel and instead chose to hire the law firm of Bilecki Law Group to represent her and fight the charges at court martial. After refusing NJP, our client was FLAGed and received a negative NCOER.

Bilecki Law Group immediately set out to prepare its own defense investigation. The Bilecki Law Group team challenged every finding of the AR 15-6 investigation and entered a notice of representation for her refusal of the Article 15.

The Army SSG was informed that because she refused the Article 15, charges would be preferred against her at a special court martial and that it would be convened at Ft. Stewart, GA upon the unit’s return from the tour in Germany.

Meanwhile, the SSG’s co-accused was also charged with adultery. He accepted the Article 15 with the advice of his military JAG lawyer.

The co-accused was found guilty and sentenced to a reduction in rank, 45 days restriction, 45 days extra duties and to forfeit 1/2 months’ pay for 2 months.

Once the unit returned to Ft. Stewart, GA, Bilecki Law Group, who was assigned as lead counsel, made contact with the military justice section and began preparations to travel there to try the case. Prior to trial, the charges were dropped, the Army SSG was transferred to another unit and continues to train and lead soldiers today.


  • All Charges Dropped.
  • Negative NCOER pulled.
  • Client Continues to Train and Lead Soldiers Today
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