BAH Fraud of Over $300,000 | Case Results

April 2018
Location: Yongsan, South Korea Rank: Army – O-3
Charges: BAH Fraud of over $300,000. Result: Client Not Criminally Charged, resolved with GOMOR. No Federal Conviction.

An Army O-3 was under investigation for defrauding the government of over $300,000 of BAH funds. Timothy Bilecki was retained on the case during the initial investigation prior to our client being criminally charged. The actions by the Officer to hire Bilecki Law Group prior to being formally charged likely played a significant role in what happened next.

Early in the investigation, Mr. Bilecki investigated the case to fully understand the case and limit our client’s liabilities. Mr. Bilecki also worked directly with the prosecution and was able to have the matter resolved without our client being charged. Unbelievably, this Army Captain only received a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand for allegedly stealing over $300,000 of housing allowance payments.

This was by far the lowest punishment we have ever seen for such a high dollar amount of larceny. No criminal charges, no federal conviction.

No Court Martial Charges Preferred