Adultery, Misuse of Government Property, Assault Charges | Case Results

Location: Camp Casey, Korea Rank: E-9, CSM
Charges: Adultery, Misuse of government property, Assault Result: No Court-Martial charges preferred

Maximum Sentence:

  • Client never charged

CSM was accused of adultery with a Filipina woman, misuse of government property and assault. The government threatened to charge the CSM with a court-martial, jeopardizing his career and million-dollar retirement.

Mr. Bilecki investigated the matter and uncovered the nefarious motives of the Filipina woman. Mr. Bilecki then told prosecutors that court-martial charges would necessitate a fully contested panel (jury) trial exposing various foreign national witnesses.

The defense was prepared to travel to the Philippines to investigate the case when the government relented and decided against court-martialing the CSM.