Wrongful Use of Codeine | Case Results

August 2009
Location: Camp Zama, Japan Rank: E-6
Charges: Wrongful use of Codeine Result: NO CHARGES

Maximum Sentence:

  • DD
  • 5 years confinement
  • Total forfeiture
  • Reduction to E-1
  • Federal Felony Conviction
  • Loss of Retirement

The client was given a Field Grade Article 15 for wrongful use of Codeine, but turned down the Article 15 and demanded a trial by court-martial. After Mr. Bilecki became involved and investigated the case, he threatened an innocent ingestion defense. The defense continued to demand a trial and the opportunity to proclaim the client’s innocence, requesting witnesses from as far away as Puerto Rico and Diego Garcia.

The government relented and NEVER CHARGED THE CLIENT.

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