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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔
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August 2016
Tim Bilecki

O-3 Accused for Cocaine, Marijuana and Mushrooms Remains in the Air Force

Wrongful Use of Cocaine, Wrongful Use of Marijuana, Wrongful Use of Psilocybin Mushrooms
Kadena, AFB Okinawa, Japan
Air Force Captain – O-3
Client never criminally charged, BOI withdrawn by Commanding General, retained in the Air Force.

An Air Force Captain was accused of using cocaine, marijuana and mushrooms while allegedly partying in Amsterdam after graduation from the Air Force Academy.  The charges arose several years later when one of the officers with whom our client traveled to Amsterdam had to upgrade his security clearance.  During the security clearance review, this officer disclosed that he used narcotics while in Amsterdam.  This disclosure led to an investigation in which the officer under investigation named our client as someone who was also partying and using illegal drugs on that trip.

The O-3 then became the target of a subsequent investigation and provided a statement to the investigator admitting to traveling to Amsterdam but denying any use of contraband substances.  The investigation resulted in the issuance of a Letter of Reprimand and referral to a Board of Inquiry. Court martial lawyer Tim Bilecki was retained to assist in rebutting the LOR and representing our client at the Board of Inquiry.  

Mr. Bilecki immediately began his investigation and conducted background investigations and interviews on the officers who were accusing our Air Force Captain of using illegal drugs while in Amsterdam.  Bilecki quickly discovered that those individuals were attempting to shift blame onto our client and deflect from their own misconduct while in the Netherlands.  Bilecki’s defense team began negotiations with the SJA office and advocated on behalf of our client, leveraging the fact that there was no physical evidence against our client, as well as the lack of credibility of the officers accusing our client.  Ultimately, the Commanding General withdrew the Board of Inquiry; our client was placed back on Flight Status and retained in the Air Force.

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