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June 2018
Tim Bilecki

Female Marine Goes Out with MSgt for Drinks in Uniform, Charges Resolved at NJP

False Official Statement, Fraternization, Drinking on Duty, Unauthorized Absence
Camp Hansen, Okinawa
Marine Corps Sergeant – E-5
Charges withdrawn and dismissed from Special Court Martial, matter resolved at NJP.

A Marine Corps Sergeant faced charges at a Special Court Martial under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) for making a false official statement, fraternization, drinking on duty, and unauthorized absence. The situation arose from an incident at Terra Restaurant on Camp Foster, Okinawa, where the female Sergeant was accused of drinking with a Master Sergeant during duty hours while in uniform. This led to an investigation after they reportedly left the restaurant without paying the bill.

Further investigation accused the Sergeant of providing a false official statement about her activities and whereabouts during the time of the incident and failing to report for duty, contributing to the unauthorized absence charge.

In response to these charges, the Sergeant retained Okinawa court martial lawyer Tim Bilecki. Bilecki’s defense strategy not only scrutinized the evidence and procedural integrity of the accusations but also emphasized the comparative culpability of the Master Sergeant involved. Given his senior non-commissioned officer (SNCO) status, his actions were argued to be more culpable, influencing the events that led to the charges against the Sergeant.

Bilecki’s efforts resulted in the charges being withdrawn and dismissed from the Special Court Martial. The case was adjudicated through non-judicial punishment (NJP), focusing on a resolution that circumvented the severe outcomes associated with a court martial conviction.

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