BAH Fraud, False Official Statement Charges | Case Results

Location: Deagu, Korea Rank: Army E-6
Charges: BAH Fraud, False Official Statement Result: All Charges Dismissed Days Prior to Trial. No Federal Conviction. Retained at Separation Board

This was an extremely complex BAH fraud case that involved years of investigation, over a half dozen trips to Korea, and depositions in Atlanta, Georgia and Pensacola and Tampa, Florida. After a hard-fought battle between Bilecki and the prosecution, the government dismissed all charges and specifications prior to trial.

Unhappy with the government’s inability to obtain a conviction in a BAH fraud case that had taken on notoriety in Korea, the Command attempted to separate Mr. Bilecki’s client through an Administrative Separation Board for the same charges they dismissed prior to trial.

Mr. Bilecki remained relentless in his dedication to the client and traveled back to Korea, something he had done over a half dozen times prior in this case, and represented the Solder at the Administrative Separation Board. At the conclusion of the Board, which was more like a trial, the Board members refused to separate our client and retained him in the Army. Mr. Bilecki was finally able to exonerate his client after a multi-year battle with the government.