112a (Methamphetamine Use) x 3 Charges | Case Results

Case Results

  • Time Served
  • No felony drug conviction
  • No punitive discharge


  • Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Branch of Military and Rank

  • Navy
  • E-6


  • 112a (Methamphetamine Use) x 3

After testing positive on three separate occasions for methamphetamine use, our client was placed in pre-trial confinement at the US Navy Brig in Hawaii. Given not one, but three positive tests for Meth, it was highly unlikely that this case would result in an acquittal if taken to trial.

The goal in this case was to keep our client from receiving a federal felony drug conviction that would follow him into his civilian life.

Mr. Bilecki, along with military counsel, LT Stephens, worked directly with the prosecution and the two were able to get all charges reduced to a Summary Court-Martial level, keeping our client from getting branded for life by winning no felony drug conviction and getting our client out of confinement with time served.


  • Time served
  • No felony drug conviction
  • No punitive discharge
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