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From the moment you’re accused of a criminal offense, the odds are stacked against you. Armies of law enforcement agents and investigators, massive government forensic labs and dozens of legal support staff are more than enough to overwhelm the resources of the JAG’s defense attorneys.

Neither can a lone wolf defense attorney stand a chance against this prosecutorial behemoth, regardless of their experience or knowledge of the law.

  • Experience alone doesn’t cut it. You need a Navy destroyer’s worth of firepower and man hours. In this industry, when going in alone, Goliath is going to win 90% of the time. That’s the batting average of government prosecutors. That’s what you’re up against without enough resources at your disposal.
  • Expertise in multiple fields must come together. You will need a full-time investigator, researchers, and access to specialists, either in-house or on-call for consultations.
  • Some cases can’t be won by a single defense attorney alone. A law firm that can call on multiple attorneys to protect your interests isn’t just a luxury—it could save you from decades of prison, or worse.

Bilecki & Tipon employs only the most experienced attorneys, investigators and consultants. And we are prepared to direct that firepower to win your case.

Meet the Staff of Bilecki & Tipon LLLC

Knives don’t win gun fights. And it takes more than one defense attorney to go up against the full might of the government’s prosecutors. If you’ve been accused of a criminal offense and your freedom and future is at stake, hiring a team is your only chance of victory in court.

Bilecki & Tipon has been serving clients here in Hawaii and at military bases in America and abroad since inception. We have a full in-house support staff and maintain a network of only consultants we can reach out and employ, including:

  • Defense Investigators: You cannot win cases without a dedicated defense investigator. The government’s law enforcement arm may have scoured the crime scene for evidence and spoke with witnesses. But that doesn’t mean they discovered everything. More likely, they “ignored” evidence or witnesses that may have proved your innocence. Bilecki & Tipon has a full-time defense investigator on staff who is a former Marine CID agent and who has also retired from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Let us put his thirty years of law enforcement experience to work for you.
  • Specialists: Specialists may be scientists, forensic psychiatrists, ex-law enforcement agents, industry gurus, forensic accountants—anyone with a specialized background. They play the roles of expert witnesses, forensic analysts, and consultants. Bilecki & Tipon has access to dozens of specialists, and we can put all of them to work in your case.
  • Support: Answering calls, crunching the numbers, digging through research—with a loyal support staff, your defense attorneys stay focused on winning your case. Bilecki & Tipon has hand-selected only the best support staff to help us better serve the interests of our clients.

When you need heavy-hitting, aggressive advocacy, Bilecki & Tipon is the ONLY choice. Contact our law firm today to set up your confidential consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Staff

Is Your Entire Support Staff in Hawaii?

Our law firm is based out of Hawaii, and it’s the where of the vast majority of our support staff live in work. Our defense investigator splits time between Honolulu, Hawaii and Las Vegas, Nevada. Consultants that may be retained on your case, however, are spread throughout the world. We can call on them at any time to help defend the interests of our clients in court.

Are Most of Your Support Staff Prepared to Travel?

Yes. Our defense investigator travels all the time throughout the Pacific, the Americas, and Europe, among other locations. And we can call on our network of specialists to provide expert witness testimony anywhere in the world.

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