Civilian and Military Criminal Defense Lawyer

Serious Charges Call for Serious Representation

From the government’s “War on Sexual Assault” to the military’s roughshod treatment of Constitutional rights, service members today face an uphill struggle to defend their honor and proclaim their innocence in court. What used to suffice as a legal defense has become obsolete—even dangerous—to the service member and his or her chances of a not-guilty verdict.

We urge all military members who are charged with a crime to look at the facts. The court martial lawyers that are free to you are often overworked and under-skilled, leaving you open to attack by the prosecution. In some instances, if the charges aren’t severe, a standard defense lawyer will suffice. But when your future rests on a single courtroom verdict, you cannot afford NOT to hire the absolute best criminal defense lawyers around.

Bilecki & Tipon’s case history is proof that we protect and defend the members of our nation’s military with passion and dedication. With over 30 years of combined experience in criminal law and a history of “not guilty” case results, we’re your best and only hope of securing your innocence in court.

We’ve Never Met a Client That Regretted Winning

In today’s climate, the stakes are simply too high to risk a guilty verdict. Years of incarceration, eternal “sex offender” status, and thousands if not TENS of thousands of dollars in military salary—including the lost-opportunity cost of promotions—are at stake here. Thinking in the short term about what you can and cannot afford is irrelevant when you realize just how serious of a game the government is playing. They want your conviction and they want to parade you around as a lesson to others. Do NOT give them the satisfaction—you’ve served your country honorably and you deserve a defense team that will fight back.

So let’s get to work, starting with an initial consultation, followed by a thorough investigation of your particular criminal charges. We’ve contested hundreds of cases before juries in both military and civilian courts, achieving full dismissals and not guilty verdicts on numerous occasions.

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