False Official Statement

Perjury, False Official Statement, Conduct Unbecoming an Officer

Rank: O-3(P)
Charges: Perjury, False Official Statement, Conduct Unbecoming an Officer Result: No Court-Martial charges against officer after investigation

Maximum Sentence:

  • Dismissal
  • 11 years and 6 months confinement
  • Total forfeiture
  • Federal felony conviction

Our client was a promotable Captain charged with submitting false official statements to a court and when called to testify regarding the statements in a civilian court, he admitted that the prior written statements he submitted were false in order to avoid perjuring himself as a witness in a trial.

The prior false official statement that was submitted to the court was turned over to the Staff Judge Advocate’s Office who investigated the Captain with an eye towards a court-martial.

When Bilecki Law Group was retained, no charges were currently preferred against the client, but there was an ongoing AR 15-6 investigation.

In a lengthy memorandum to the Investigating Officer, we detailed our client’s version of events as well as the nearly ten-year history behind the case (which caused additional investigations to be initiated against various other Officers within USARPAC), advocating that no adverse action be taken against our client.

As a result of our oral and written advocacy, no court-martial or other action was taken against the client.