Child Pornography | Hawaii Case Results

Case Results

  • Negotiated a pre-trial agreement for 300 days confinement in a child pornography case


  • Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Branch of Military and Rank 

  • US Navy
  • Senior Chief


After being caught in an online sting operation that targeted individuals downloading child pornography from the Internet, the Senior Chief (prior to retaining Mr. Bilecki) fully confessed to law enforcement to downloading and possessing child pornography.

The Senior Chief’s computer was seized and sent to the Defense Computer Forensic Laboratory for forensic review, a process that took nearly one year.

The digital forensic examination confirmed that the computer was utilized to download and store child pornography and corroborated the prior confession.
After Bilecki Law Group was retained, Mr. Bilecki realized he was positioned to minimize damages. 

Mr. Bilecki negotiated hard with the prosecutors to secure a pre-trial agreement limiting confinement to only 300 days.

Given that most accused found guilty of child pornography cases in this jurisdiction receive a term of multiple years, negotiating a 300 day cap on confinement was in the client’s best interest and avoided his serving several years in prison.


  • Negotiated a pre-trial agreement for 300 days confinement in a child pornography case
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