Distribution of “Spice,” Use of “Spice,” Possession of “Spice,” And More Charges | Case Results

Case Results

  • Not guilty of all charges


  • Kadena AFB, Okinawa, Japan

Branch of Military and Rank

  • E-5


Maximum Sentence:

  • DD
  • 31 years confinement
  • Total forfeiture
  • Reduction to E-1
  • Federal felony drug conviction

Full Acquittal in a “Spice” case. Our client was a Security Forces Officer who allegedly partook in “smoke rides,” in which multiple Security Forces Officers drove around the flight line and on base in their patrol cars, smoking Spice with all the windows rolled up. Our client was also alleged to have been using and selling Spice while on duty as a Security Forces Officer.

With the assistance of civilian counsel Brian Bouffard and military counsel Captain Reinholz, we demanded a fully contested trial. Although facing a mountain of damning evidence and statements from co-accused, we were able to put the Commanding General on the witness stand and cross-examine him on the legality of his order prohibiting Spice for Airmen worldwide.

We demanded that the government prove, chemically and forensically, that the substance alleged to be Spice was actually Spice.

Even with the testimony of co-conspirators, this was a bridge too far for the government to cross, and our client received a full acquittal, being found not guilty of all charges and specifications. 

We also succeeded in getting the Air Force Instruction (signed by the 3-star and applicable worldwide) declared unlawful.


  • Not guilty of all charges
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