Sexual Assault Defense

Sexual Assault Defense

Article 120 Military Defense Lawyer for Military Sexual Assault & Rape Charges

“…they’ve got to be held accountable—prosecuted, stripped of their positions, court-martialed, fired, and dishonorably discharged. Period."

–Barack Obama

Welcome to the front line of the “War Against Sexual Assault.” Don’t be fooled by the title—this so-called “war” is just another government euphemism used to justify the mistreatment of service members and veterans of this country. What the government isn’t telling you is that this isn’t a war at all—it’s a witch hunt. And if you aren’t thoroughly prepared to fight for your freedom and your reputation, you will be burned at the stake.

The law firm of Bilecki & Tipon has witnessed a massive spike in sexual assault cases since 2011, which coincides with the White House’s heavy-handed push to put accused sexual assault perpetrators behind bars. Immense pressure is coming down from the top of the military chain of command to identify, try, and punish those suspected of such crimes. Never mind that the number of alleged sexual assaults is actually lower now than it was prior to 2011.

The implications of this are immense and unprecedented. It has turned innocent service members into scapegoats fighting charges they never even committed, ruined the lives and futures of others for supposed minor sexual abuse violations, and forced otherwise upstanding military personnel to accept dishonorable discharge and decades in prison.

If you’re here, then it’s very likely you’re a target in the government’s “War Against Sexual Assault.” And as a law firm that has defended hundreds of other service members from these charges, we have two things to say to you. First, that you’re not alone, and second, if you have any hope of getting out from under these charges unscathed, you NEED quality legal representation that understands exactly what you’re up against.

Baseless Accusations of Sexual Assault are Rampant in the Military

Coinciding with the “War on Sexual Assault” is a growing tendency among some service men and women to lie about being victims of a sex crime in order to receive some perceived incentive or benefit. This could include:

  • A transfer to a service member’s base of choice
  • Honorable discharge to get out of military
  • Financial compensation due to purported MTRS (Military Rape Trauma Syndrome)
  • To “get ahead” of their own sexual assault violation by claiming that they themselves were the victim

Of course, the prosecution, along with the law enforcement agencies of the military, would rather try to convict someone suspected of a sexual assault violation than look into the alleged victim’s life to see whether they had the motivation to lie in the first place. This immediate desire to take the side of the victim ensures that you’re effectively guilty until proven innocent.

This is why it’s imperative that you seek the absolute best legal representation possible. Imagine how terrifying it would be if the “evidence” of an assault continued to pile up in the victim’s favor. We’ve seen so many cases where the sexual act was consensual but the supposed victim claims it wasn’t. How do you prove otherwise when the DNA evidence points to you and the military is desperate for a conviction? Time and time again we’ve seen unsuspecting service members confidently walk into court with their free court martial lawyer, only to realize—too late—that the court, and the jury, is extremely hostile, and NOTHING is happening to turn the situation around.

Bilecki & Tipon never underestimates the prosecution’s fanatic desire to convict suspects of sexual assault. If the government is willing to throw everything they have at a conviction, then you deserve a defense team that has the courage and the expertise to beat the government at its own game.

Hard-Hitting Defense Against the "War on Sexual Assault"

Defending a person accused of a sexual assault or another Article 120 offense in the military is no small task. The SVPs assigned to prosecute these cases are hand selected and do nothing but prosecute alleged sexual assault cases. Typically, their experience in prosecuting sex crime cases is only exceeded by their fanaticism. Backed by commanders and SJA offices that want to win at all costs, discretion and "seeking justice" seem to be completely out of the equation. To the SVP, command, and SJA office who are prosecuting an alleged assault, it’s not a case, it's a cause.

At Bilecki & Tipon, we have the ability to assemble a true defense team of professionals to take on the military's unlimited budget and firepower. Depending on your particular case, we have the ability to utilize experienced private investigators, run full background checks on the government's witnesses, conduct surveillance on alleged victims or other government witnesses, utilize forensic recovery tools on cell phones and computers to retrieve exculpatory information, consult with and retain experts such as sexual assault nurse examiners, forensic toxicologists, DNA profilers and crime scene experts. Our ability to extensively investigate your case is only limited by your budget, not by our capabilities.

Few lawyers understand how to defend an individual accused of sexual abuse crimes in the military. We do, and we can prove it through our case results. Bilecki & Tipon has obtained dozens upon dozens of full acquittals in sexual assault cases, and under the right circumstances, we can do the same for you.

We obtain our acquittals in cases through experience, unparalleled investigations, meticulous preparation, aggressive cross-examinations, and a relentless passion for winning. When Bilecki & Tipon prepares for trial, we prepare to win, not to plead you guilty at the first opportunity and move on to the next case.

You Only Get One Shot at a Trial

Today, every allegation of sexual assault is tracked, scrutinized and reported to the highest levels in the military. Any commander who calls BS on a bogus assault – regardless of the evidence or credibility problems of the complaining witness – runs the risk of losing his or her career.

You fight for your country; unfortunately, your country isn’t going to fight for you. If you’re accused, suspected of, or charged with any sex crime, you need to assemble to best defense team you can – right now – so that you’re not wrongfully convicted and written off as just another statistic in the military's war on sexual assault.

If you fully understand what you’re up against, and you now know how deeply the odds are stacked against you, then it’s time to stop hesitating and contact Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC TODAY.

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