Larceny & Financial Fraud

Larceny and Financial Fraud Defense Lawyer

The Truth Behind Fraud and Larceny Charges in the Military

If the government even remotely suspects you of fraud or larceny charges, you WILL be the target of a court-martial. Military courts see larceny and financial fraud charges as integrity violations and thus as extreme cases that must be tried and prosecuted with impunity to deter others from similarly breaking the law. This often results in charges that are far and beyond what is prudently called for.

At Bilecki & Tipon, we believe that service members deserve a fair trial, and should never be displayed as infamous examples of how not to act in military society. The U.S. Military has a habit of throwing its own under the bus at the first sign of unlawful activity. No one knows this better than our clients, who have seen this kind of behavior firsthand.

Our clients could’ve accepted their fate as victims of an oftentimes abusive system. Instead, they fought the charges filed against them—and in many cases, they won. With the Bilecki & Tipon team advocating for them, their cases were often won in court, with their charges dropped entirely or dramatically reduced.

The Military Has Unlimited Resources and Will Convict You If You Aren't Prepared

We cannot stress this enough: when it comes to defense lawyers, you get what you pay for. If your trial date arrives and you’ve elected to have a military-issued defense attorney advocate for you in court, your problems may have only just begun. Not only is the prosecutorial team often better prepared with stronger case knowledge and greater manpower, it can also tap into the full resources of the U.S. military, including forensic accountants, law enforcement special agents, and government trial counsel specially trained in larceny and financial fraud prosecutions.

We mention this because you need to know what you’re up against. And by the time you’re in court and opening arguments commence, it’s already too late. The government has spared no expense to convict you. They have the evidence they need to put you behind bars. Unless you have a team behind you that has performed a rigorous pre-trial assessment, has heard your side of the story, and knows how to defend your case, you’re as good as convicted.

You Deserve a Fair Fight—You Deserve the Best

At Bilecki & Tipon, we defend civilians and service members in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines facing the full spectrum of larceny and financial fraud charges, from simple barracks larceny to BAH/OHA fraud to international money laundering. If you’ve been accused of BAH or OHA fraud, theft, mail fraud, bank fraud, theft of government property, the unauthorized sale or possession of government property, or any type of computer crime related to fraud or theft, we have the knowledge and experience to aggressively defend you in court.

You deserve better. You deserve the best. Bilecki & Tipon will fight to ensure that you’re not just another victim of the military justice system. Call us anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at (800) 996-9747, and together we’ll take the fight to the prosecution.