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Are You the Most Recent Victim in the “War on Drugs”?

The War on Drugs has made its presence known well beyond the states themselves and into the bases, barracks’, and courts of the U.S. military. Unfortunately for service members, prosecutorial teams in military courts vigorously pursue individuals that are even remotely suspected of purchasing, using, or selling illegal drugs, without ever considering the context of events or the service member’s previous service to their country.

To make matters worse, most members of military law enforcement could care less about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the UCMJ. CID, NCIS, and OSI agents charged with eliminating drugs or contraband tend to search first and come up with a legal justification later. In one case that illustrates this point precisely, Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC was able to get one deceptive CID agent in Okinawa, Japan to admit that he actually fraudulently altered a Consent-to-Search form after the accused signed it. In that case, all charges were dismissed.

If this sounds like the deck is stacked against you, then you’d be right. There comes a point when service members charged with drug crimes need to stand up and fight to tell their side of the story. That time for you could be right now, which is why it’s more important than ever to have a defense team on your side that understands your rights, your story, and your service to America.

What Constitutes as Lawful and Unlawful Drug Possession?

Not all drug use is wrongful. The lawful use of prescription drugs is an obvious example. The ingestion of a substance a person believes is powdered sugar, but is actually cocaine, for example, would not be wrongful. And these are just two examples we’ve seen in court cases around the world.

In a similar vein, recent DEA sting operations resulted in the indictment of a number of active duty and formerly active duty service members for drug trafficking charges. These sting operations involve casting a large net that captures innocent people, as well as actual street level dealers and traffickers.

Regardless of the charges brought against you, and no matter how much evidence the military says they have on you, we can help. Bilecki & Tipon defends service members accused of the full spectrum of drug offenses. From relatively minor positive urinalysis charges to international drug trafficking, we have the experience, street smarts and tenacity to take on drug offenses at all levels.

Don’t Risk Your Future Over a Drug Charge

Drug charges, including offenses of drug possession and distribution, can have damaging and lifelong consequences. A conviction for the possession of even a small amount of marijuana or prescription drugs for example can dramatically impact careers and limit opportunities. And should you be charged with a more excessive crime, the result could be years, if not decades, in prison.

Don’t take the risk. Contacting the military criminal defense attorneys at Bilecki & Tipon could be the most important decision you’ll ever make. Call us TODAY at (800) 996-9747.