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Working with an experienced California or Fort Lewis, Washington military defense lawyer is of the utmost importance if you are stationed in California or Fort Lewis, Washington and facing military criminal or court-martial charges. Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC was founded on the premise that when a person is serving his or her country and he or she is accused of a crime, that person should have the strongest, most knowledgeable legal defense possible. Both California and Washington are states with numerous military bases and installations and as such, the military population is this area is quite high. Given the amount of military stationed in California and Fort Lewis, Washington, it is no surprise that a fairly high percentage of the court-martial cases in the United States come out of this region. Given that fact, as well as our close proximity in Honolulu, we have expanded our focus to including defending service members facing serious UCMJ charges on the West Coast.

If you have been accused of a crime in the state of California, you may not feel like you are living in the Golden State; being accused of a crime and having to face a military courts-martial is something few people can walk away from unscathed without being represented by the best court martial lawyer possible. If your case involves any of the following, we can help you fight the government and level the playing field:

As a prior Senior Defense Counsel who has tried an extensive amount of cases, Mr. Bilecki knows the military criminal justice system inside and out and is not, and will not be intimidated by military prosecutors, the command or the system that was designed to put you in prison. Whether in California, Fort Lewis, Washington or anywhere in the world, we think outside the box, never admit defeat and will fight court martial charges against you.

Understanding the Uniform Code of Military Justice

The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) is the foundation of military law and was enacted by Congress. It is a Federal law that codifies which offenses can be punishable by court martial. These specific articles of the document are known as the "Punitive Articles" and range from numbers 77-134. It is the President's duty, as the Commander-in-Chief, to implement this code and he or she does so by an Executive Order. The UCMJ is fundamental to military criminal justice system and, therefore, it is all-important that the court martial attorney you choose fully understands it. Needless to say, Mr. Bilecki as the skill and experience to handle the complexities of military law and the Uniform Military Code of Justice. We have successfully represented clients from all branches of the service globally. We also take pride in being able to differentiate the subtle factors involved in each branch of the service and the location of each military branch.

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By choosing a dedicated, committed military defense lawyer , you may spare yourself from heavier sentencing, lengthy incarceration, or even court-martial itself. Contact our firm today for to discuss all of your options, not just a guilty plea.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC His knowledge and experience were evident during the Article 32 where he seemed to sort of take control of the court room.
  • Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC This was the best investment I have ever made in my life. Again I am forever in debt to this firm.
  • Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC Mr. Bilecki and his law group ARE that best team.
  • Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC Mr. Bilecki and his team are extremely aggressive, thorough, and know what they are doing. They saved my life.
  • Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC Do not go into the courtroom by yourself. Go in with a confident hard charging legal firm like Bilecki & Tipon.
  • Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC Mr. Bilecki and his associates are amazingly qualified and skilled in handling UCMJ cases.
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