Violent Crimes

Violent Crime Defense

For Those Facing Charges Under UCMJ Article 128, 118 or 119

Serious accusations call for equally serious advocacy. Charges of assault, manslaughter, or premeditated murder are some of the gravest charges the military can throw at you. Service members accused of such a crime cannot make these accusations disappear easily and should not simply rely solely on a “free” or inexperienced defense team to defend them in court.

Voluntary and involuntary manslaughter as well as premeditated murder can have you spending years if not the rest of your life behind bars if you’re found guilty. Why take the chance? The Bilecki & Tipon team has represented service members charged with everything from murder to manslaughter. And as a member of the U.S. Military, you deserve a legal team with credentials, experience, and a passion for winning.

Tough Charges, Even Tougher Advocacy

To date Bilecki & Tipon has defended service members charged with:

  • Article 128 (Assault): Article 128 encompasses assault, aggravated assault, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Guilty verdicts can impose anywhere from a few months to years of incarceration as well as a forfeiture of pay and a dishonorable discharge. Your case may even be tried in a civilian court depending on the circumstances. Unfortunately, it’s very possible to receive assault charges even if your actions were in self-defense.
  • Article 118 (Murder): Charges of premeditated murder, or cases in which a death came about through an act by the accused, are prosecuted under Article 118 of the UCMJ. Murder that occurred while the suspect was participating in burglary, rape, aggravated sexual assault, robbery, arson, or some other crime in which the accused manifested a reckless indifference for human life, and death was the outcome, could also be filed as murder. These verdicts can often impose sentences as harsh as life in prison without parole.
  • Article 119 (Manslaughter): Voluntary manslaughter charges are set in motion when it is alleged that certain factors were present in the death of another individual, such as the unlawful killing of another or an intent to inflict great bodily harm. The difference between murder and voluntary manslaughter is that in voluntary manslaughter, often the act was committed in the heat of passion, whether from fear or rage. Even a charge of manslaughter can result in years of incarceration.

An Aggressive Defense Team May Be All You Have Standing Between You and a Jail Cell

The quality of your defender couldn’t be more important if you’re accused of a violent crime listed under Article 128, 118 or 119 of the UCMJ. Every detail of the case must be reviewed and evaluated, including possibly visiting the scene where the assault allegedly took place, as well as engaging in in-depth interviews with witnesses and a total review of all evidence collected at the crime scene.

Even the slightest detail could create an obstacle for the prosecution. Our goal is to learn your side of what happened and ensure that it’s received convincingly in court—backed by expert testimony, strong evidence, and aggressive cross-examining.

Your career—your very future—is on the line. Don’t let a shoddy defense leave you in a lurch facing years behind bars. Contact the court martial lawyers at Bilecki & Tipon and secure your world-class defense team TODAY. Call us anytime, day or night, at (800) 996-9747.