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The Premier Law Firm Defending Service Members In The World

We believe in a few core truths here at Bilecki & Tipon. We believe that Varsity always beats JV. That SEAL Teams—not boot camp recruits—kill the Bin Laden’s of the world. And finally, we believe that if you want to fight the charges leveled against you by the United States government, you need a take-no-prisoners litigation team—not some brand new JAG officer, fresh out of law school, who was ordered by the Military to defend you.

If you’re here on this page, you may already know a bit about us. You may know for instance that we hand-pick challenging, high-risk cases. Cases where the service member stands to risk everything—his job, his reputation, his finances, and most importantly, his freedom.

You may also know that we protect our service members no matter where they are, and no matter what they need help with. Our full-service law firm handles everything such as overseas court-martials for service members in Hawaii.

It’s these kinds of cases that we’re passionate about. The kinds of cases that conventional wisdom dictates should be left alone. The kinds of cases that everyone says cannot be won. It’s these kinds of cases that drive us to fight for the indefensible and truly become the last line of defense for our clients.

Led by seasoned trial attorneys Timothy J. Bilecki and Noel Tipon, and assisted by a team of experienced associates, investigators, and specialists, the B&T Team has the knowledge, the expertise, and the stamina to command courtrooms worldwide. We don’t just defend you. We take the battle to the prosecution.

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Timothy J. Bilecki

Managing Attorney of Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC's Court Martial Practice Group, Mr. Bilecki is an experienced court-martial defense lawyer who represents Service Members accused of serious crimes anywhere in the world.

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Noel Tipon

Managing Attorney of Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC's State Court Criminal Defense Group. Mr. Tipon is one of the most successful criminal defense attorneys in the military and throughout the State of Hawaii.

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Michael Waddington

Michael Waddington, one of the most renowned military defense attorneys in the world, is a Trial Consultant to Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC.

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