Child Pornography Defense

Child Pornography Defense

Court Martial Attorney With Knowledge in Child Pornography Defense

The seriousness of child pornography cannot be overstated. Suspects involved in child pornography are rooted out and pursued by the military justice system with extreme prejudice. On top of that, unless a defendant hires on a very experienced defense team with knowledge of these types of cases, these service members could be looking at years or even decades of incarceration PLUS mandatory registration as a sex offender for the rest of their lives.

If you’re under investigation for or have been charged with, the possession, distribution, or transportation of child pornography, your outcome in court depends on the expertise of the attorney that you hire. The defense of child pornography cases is incredibly complex and challenging, requiring both a lawyer and a computer forensic expert to work as you defense team.

What Wins Child Pornography Cases

Bilecki & Tipon has defended child pornography cases for nearly a decade and understands the step-by-step process required to win or mitigate these types of cases. All child pornography cases revolve around three central questions:

  • Was the law enforcement search of the computer legal?
  • Are the images actually child pornography?
  • Did the service member know of or intentionally possess child pornography?

Computer Forensic Expertise

The second and third issues simply cannot be answered without an experienced digital computer forensics expert. Unfortunately, we’ve seen many trials where free military attorneys did NOT request the appointment of a digital computer forensic expert as well as a bit-by-bit forensic image of the hard drive. You don’t need us to tell you what the verdicts for these cases were.

Child pornography cases are won and lost based on the expertise of the defense’s computer forensic expert. Without such an expert to conduct an in-depth analysis of all case-related digital media, as well a defense team that can properly explain why it matters to the jury, a guilty verdict is all but secured by the prosecution.

Bilecki & Tipon has both digital forensic capabilities as well as longstanding relationships with some of the premier computer forensics firms in the country. In general, these computer forensic experts review deleted data from a hard-drive, examine file properties, and create a timeline showing when the images were downloaded and at what times the images were last accessed. This information is often useful in showing that somebody else was on the computer at the same time that the illegal pornography was accessed or downloaded. Occasionally this allows the defense team to utilize various defenses, including showing that someone else, typically another service member, downloaded the pornography on the computer.

Serious Charges Call for Serious Representation

A conviction for child pornography will impact the rest of your life. Take action promptly if you face any accusations involving child pornography crimes. Bilecki & Tipon understands the complexities of these cases as well as the computer forensics required to present a winning defense. If you’re suspected of or charged with crimes dealing with child pornography, do NOT leave your career, freedom, and future to chance.

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