Private Polygraph Tests

Because Law Enforcement Polygraph Tests are a One-Way Ticket to Prison

Bilecki & Tipon LLLC highly recommends that all service members being accused of a crime refuse to take or request a law enforcement polygraph test.

The reasoning behind this is simple. If an accused service member passes a polygraph test, the command will often still prefer charges against you. If the service member fails his polygraph, law enforcement will put him or her through the ringer in an attempt to garner a confession. To make matters worse, after undergoing a polygraph test, the service member will likely have to undergo a post-polygraph interrogation. This interrogation is nothing more than a tactic used to squeeze the accused into making an admission or a confession.

Even If You Pass Your Test, You Lose

Don’t think that passing a polygraph will get you off the hook. Law enforcement agents conducting the polygraph test are allowed to lie to you and tell you that the poly indicates deception—even if it did not—and then use that as a tool to interrogate you and get you to make an admission or confession.

It’s for this reason that Bilecki & Tipon recommends three basic rules when it comes to law enforcement polygraph examinations:

  1. A suspect shouldn't be talking to law enforcement in the first place. Law enforcement is not on your side, they’re not there to help you out, and they want you to confess so that they can close out their case.
  2. Never take a polygraph offered by a law enforcement agency.
  3. Never ask law enforcement to take a polygraph. If you’ve already talked to law enforcement and they want you to take a poly, they don't believe your story and a polygraph isn't going to help.

Law Enforcement Polygraph Tests Will NOT Prove Your Innocence

The bottom line here is that a polygraph test is simply a tool to get a suspect to confess. Interrogators know this. They know the test results don’t matter and their only goal is a quick confession and an easy victory in court.

Do not play law enforcement’s game. If you’re serious about proving your innocence and are hell-bent on taking a polygraph, be smart about it and set it up with a third party. Bilecki & Tipon can set up an in-house polygraph or voice stress analysis test, and if you pass the test, we can consider using it to try to keep you from getting charged.

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