High Profile Cases

Legal Representation That Handles Every Aspect of Your Media Relations

No one expects that their case will explode into the media arena, but if it does, you MUST have legal representation that understands how to navigate it and even swing it in your favor. Trials can be won and lost due to the media’s overzealous attempt to “analyze” and “understand” the different motives and facts behind a case. A legal team that isn’t prepared for this could say something completely destructive on camera, practically writing off any hope you have of a not-guilty verdict.

If we’ve made it sound like the stakes are high—they are. We’ve worked on high profile cases that have been featured and discussed on CNN, Fox News, E! Entertainment Television, and USA Today, to name a few. We know how quickly the media can spin a trial against you and we work tirelessly to ensure that the narrative remains strongly in your favor.

Our Media Background is Unparalleled

High-profile media cases demand a defense team that thinks like a reporting team. They need to feel comfortable in front of a camera, advocate for their client across numerous different media outlets, and never stop promoting the facts and context surrounding the trial. Because the truth is that the prosecution is attempting to swing the case in their favor as well, with their own experts and their own “facts.”

Over the years we’ve made dozens of connections across the media, and in some cases we’ve identified “friendly” reporters that will communicate the defense’s version of the story. We also make sure press releases are sent out to key allies in the industry. Lastly, our own forensic and legal experts are available for interviews should the need arise.

Defending Your Rights in High Profile Cases

No one can control whether or not your case suddenly jumps into the media’s spotlight. The only option that you control is the defense team that you hire to set things right.

The law firm of Bilecki & Tipon has your back during cases that require extensive media expertise. If your case is involved in—or has the potential to be involved in—extreme media scrutiny, then you NEED to contact the B&T team at (800) 996-9747.