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  • Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC Moves to New Office

    Posted By Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC || 3-Nov-2015

    Court Martial Defense firm Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC has moved to a new location in the ASB Tower on Bishop Street, just minutes away from their previous location. Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC can now be found at this address: 1001 Bishop Street ASB Tower, Suite 2305 Honolulu, HI 96813 If you or a loved one is facing a court martial case or is a service member facing divorce, call on the attorneys of ...
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  • A Two Year Sentence is Not a "Slap on the Wrist"

    Posted By Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC || 10-Jul-2015

    After SFC Gregory McQueen was charged with soliciting paid sex from female privates under his command and sentenced to two years in prison as well as being demoted to the rank of private, Col. Don Christensen, who was chief prosecutor for the Air Force, says that McQueen “exploited his rank and position of authority to abuse young enlisted women, but at the end of the day, he is walking away ...
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  • Spice - The Basics

    Posted By Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC || 7-Jul-2015

    Spice is an olive-colored plant material that can be laced with cannibinoid mimicking compounds. The ingredients of Spice can be several times more potent than the drug marijuana. Spice that contains HU-210 (or another controlled substance) is considered a controlled substance; however, Spice is available without controlled substances, which means the compound is not a controlled substance. Spice ...
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  • In a report detailing the investigation of SFC Gregory McQueen, who was on trial for soliciting paid sex from female privates under his command, Anna Mulrine repeatedly refers to what McQueen did as “ sexual assault." While what McQueen did wass certainly illegal, saying that it was sexual assault and that the women in question were completely the victims is a bit of a stretch. Had this ...
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  • Anna Mulrine Has Picked the Wrong Cause

    Posted By Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC || 2-Jul-2015

    In a report that claims female privates in the military are so underpaid that they must resort to prostitution to survive, an unsettling discovery if it’s true, journalist Anna Mulrine has decided to focus on going after the men that solicited them rather than calling out the true issue. If women in the military really are struggling this much, then they would be much better served by their ...
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